MUSE RESEARCH Receptor VIP K9 Stage/Studio Virtual Instrument Player Komplete 9

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Receptor VIP K9

Standalone Stage & Studio Virtual Instrument Player with Komplete 9 Package


RECEPTOR VIP is not a computer. And it's not a hardware synth or effects processor, either. RECEPTOR VIP is a "hybrid music instrument" that serves as a stand-alone solution for running virtual instruments and effects software. With RECEPTOR VIP, you don't have to buy a bunch of interfaces and install a bunch of drivers to start making music, since the VIP is a complete, rack-mount musical instrument and effects processor that works right out of the box. Nothing more to buy, install, or fiddle with to get working.

RECEPTOR VIP provides a custom front panel hardware user interface that lets you harness all the power and versatility of virtual instruments and effects with minimal hassle - no computer monitor required - making the RECEPTOR VIP something that ALL musicians can use.

RECEPTOR VIP is software-powered, but it employs a custom, purpose-built operating system and host application for running your software to let you make music without the worry or hassle of system conflicts, long boot and load times, slow disc messages, system hiccups, viruses, and the other stability problems that plague computers. Even better, the RECEPTOR VIP is designed for superior playability, so your favorite virtual instruments and effects feel better than ever before.

The RECEPTOR VIP is software-based, so it can appeal to a very wide range of musicians, including keyboardists, guitarists (both electric and acoustic), vocalists, percussionists, and live sound mix engineers. And of course, if you happen to be a guitarist or keyboardist or percussionist who sings, well you'll be even more delighted because RECEPTOR VIP does more than one thing at once... You can process your guitar while you sing, or play that killer piano while your friend plays guitar or bass... or even process two guitars separately and simultaneously! RECEPTOR VIP is one of those rare that does many things well, yet still meets the specific needs of even the most demanding player. Here are some typical use cases.

  • Keyboardists: RECEPTOR VIP is an excellent companion to a Roland, Yamaha, Korg, or Kurzweil workstation keyboard. RECEPTOR VIP has the ability to vastly expand the sound palette of these keyboards, as well as integrate tightly with ANY keyboard thanks to the "MIDI learn" function. You can even process the audio output from your keyboard THROUGH the RECEPTOR VIP while simultaneously generating sounds in the RECEPTOR VIP, making it an ideal way to expand your workstation while maintaining the feel you are used to. You'll be amazed at the sounds you can add to your existing keyboard... even the pickiest piano aficionado will be won over by high-end piano libraries like IVORY II when they run it on RECEPTOR VIP.
  • Guitarists: RECEPTOR VIP is arguably the world's most versatile guitar processor, starting with the included ReValver amp modeling software, but that's just the beginning. You can route your guitar through various studio-grade effects to take your tone in to vast uncharted territories, selecting patches with nothing but a simple footswitch plugged into the back. RECEPTOR VIP lets you take your tone to the limit, letting you create presets that can be instantly recalled, combined, and/or modified in real-time with a MIDI foot pedal. RECEPTOR VIP not only expands your world of tone, but it also cleans up your band's live mix by eliminating mic bleed and making stage volume problems - a thing of the past! Worship team members will love the fact you can enjoy massive "cranked to 11" guitar tone coming out of the line outputs without being told to turn down by your worship leader. Of course, you can still use your favorite stomp boxes since the VIP has two standard guitar inputs on the front panel, letting you send raw guitar signal into one channel for virtual amp processing and connecting your effect chain signal into the other, switching or combining the two as desired! It's the future of guitar processing, made easy.
  • Solo Instrumentalists who Sing: Do you play solo regularly at a local pub, club, weddings, or at a hotel or restaurant? The last thing you want to do is drag a car-full of gear with you every time you play. That's where RECEPTOR VIP really shines. All you need is your keyboard or guitar, your microphone, and your powered PA speakers and you're ready to go. That's because you can play RECEPTOR's vast array of internal sounds from your MIDI keyboard, process your vocal, and process your guitar, and mix in backing tracks from your iPod or CD player - all at the same time! The 32-bit floating-point internal mixing provides unbeatable fidelity, which means no other device on the market sounds so good or does so much, yet remains rugged and supremely portable to and from the gig. And if you take your show on the road, you'll love the fact RECEPTOR VIP is small enough and light enough to go with you everywhere, whether you travel by car, taxi, bus, subway, train, or plane.

Installed Software - Synths and Sample playback plugins (included free)

  • MusePlayer sample player: over 4GB of pristine sounds, including a 900MB piano.
  • AAS Player with dozens of custom presets
  • Camel Audio Alchemy Player Synthesizer with dozens of custom presets
  • U-He Triple Cheese Karplus-Strong synth with dozens of high quality sounds.
  • ForeFront Amber Lite physically modeled grand piano
  • Peavey ReValver Guitar amp and effects modeling
  • MuTech MuVoice LE with dozens of vocal processing presets
  • WaveArts MasterVerb 4 professional reverberation effects plug-in
  • WaveArts TrackPlug 4 professional channel strip with EQ/Compressor/Limiter/Gate
  • Camel Audio Camel Phatt, Camel Space, and Camel Crusher distortion, filter, and delay effects.
  • Gallo Engineering Studio Devil BVC Guitar Amp Modeler
  • Kjaerhus Audio Classic EQ, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Limiter
  • IK Multimedia Amplitube 2 Duo Amp Modeler
  • Big Tick Dual Delay, Hexaline, TickyClav, Cheeze Machine
  • EVM Synths MicroSynth
  • AudioNerdz Delay Lama
  • Green Oak Crystal Synth
  • GTG Synths LOG Synth, PD Poly, Tranzister, Yuno 2
  • Rumpelrausch Taips ZR-3
  • Xoxos Synger
  • Smart Electronics H20, MadShifta, SupaPhaser
  • Destroy FX Buffer Override, EQ Sync, Monomaker, RMS Buddy, Scrubby, Skidder
  • GVST Gloop Audio Looper
  • Steinberg Karlette
  • Toby Bear CowDelay, Decimator
  • Wurr Audio Green Gate, Green Wah, Little Booster, GreenMachine Amp II
  • Virtual Creations Ultra Phazer

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