STAGG EVN4/4-H Electric Violin Headphones, Case Honey Finish New

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Silent Electric Violin Kit w/ Headphones, Case

Honey Finish


Not quite ready for primetime?  Want to work on your technique, without driving others to drink?  Now you can!!  The STAGG EVN 4/4 is a full size violin, which is designed to put out minimum acoustic sound.  Great for rehearsing/practice.  Hook up the included headphones, a rock your little violin playing heart out.  Ready to hit the stage?  Plug it into your bands PA system, or your stereo via the included 1/4"  cable, and you can rock "Devil Went Down To Georgia" until the cows come home........  Of course it works on that stuff that your parents wants you to play as well.........;-)

  • Solid bodied lacquered maple
  • 4 fine tuners
  • 2-band EQ & volume controls
  • internal headphone pre-amp
  • standard 6.3 mm output jack
  • 3.5 mm headphone mini output jack
  • Soft case comes with straps, bow, rosin, stereo headphones & 9 V battery



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