Rane DEQ 60L 2-Channel Graphic Equalizer NEW!

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 Rane DEQ 60 2 Channel Graphic Equalizer

When the term "graphic equalizer" was first coined, the intent was to provide a device that allowed the user to "draw" the desired frequency response using slider controls on the unit's front panel. Thus, the Holy Grail of graphic equalizers is a device with a response that truly matches the slider settings. For years, this seemingly unobtainable goal resulted in products based on the fine art of compromise - until now - until the DEQ 60.

It's not Constant - not Proportional - It's Perfect! Digital Signal Processing (DSP) allows filter technology not possible with analog designs. Rane coined (and registered as a trademark) the term Perfect-Q to describe the results (U.S. & international patents filed). The DEQ 60 is the first graphic equalizer to use this revolutionary technology. Perfect-Q features virtually no band interaction and extremely low ripple between adjacent bands. The result: the world's first graphic equalizer whose output response precisely matches slider settings. And, just to keep things interesting and flexible, fear not proportional-Q lovers, for each channel of the DEQ 60 is selectable between Perfect-Q or proportional-Q response.


  • Perfect-QTM : What You See Is What You Get       
  • No EQ filter interaction
  • Proportional-Q: Classic smooth response
  • Independent Accelerated-SlopeTM 3-band full-cut tone controls       
  • Low-cut and High-cut filters
  • Input and Output Level controls
  • Eight segment metering for each Input and Output
  • Two Boost / Cut ranges:

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