SENNHEISER KR402 High Tech Ultra-light Powered Line Array (Pair) 138db USB New

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High Tech Ultra-light Powered Line Array (Pair) 138db USB 

The K-Array KR402 system consists of two KP102 line arrays and two KMT21 subwoofer boxes. It is a powerful system that can address medium to large-size rooms with ease and most of all with impeccable fidelity.

Both sides of the system feature two channels of class D amplification housed in the sub-woofer. The rear panel provides input for a balanced line signal, a balanced microphone signal with phantom power, and digital signals in AES/EBU protocol, also on an XLR for ease of cabling.

An integrated touch screen provides intuitive managing and editing of powerful DSP controlling: Input and output levels, internally generated test signal, In/Out routing, subwoofer delay (up to 12 ms.), speakon output to the Mid-H element with delay (up to 12 ms.), and overall system delay (up to 330 ms.) All DSP functions, including EQ can be controlled with remote managing software via USB or RS485, again, conveniently on a standard XLR. There are 40 different DSP presets, specifically made by K-array to optimize the systems’ performance for the variety of device configuration available.

In addition the user can also create, save, and store his/her own personal presets on the module. The unique four-corner port configuration gives symmetrical back loading to the sub speaker for extended bass response with very low distortion. This also gives incredible structural strength to the cabinet despite its light weight. Pocket handles in the sub and an M20 thread mount position for attaching mid-high speakers, with a variety of mounting and rigging hardware options make the latest additions to the K-array Redline Series very versatile in almost any application and in every type of venue.

KR402 features a pair of KMT21 (21”) subs each with 2 channels of 2400 Watts matched to two KP102 Mid-High arrays. A coupling assembly allows the speakers to be mounted side-by-side, giving the ability to vary the vertical dispersion pattern for narrow to wide coverage.

KR402 High Tech Ultra-light Powered Line Array Specifications:

Specifications per component: KP102 / KMT21

Speaker power handling : 720W / 1800W

Max power : 1200W / 2800W

Impedance : selectable / 4 Ohms

Frequency range : 100 Hz – 20 KhZ / 30 Hz – 150Hz +/- 3dB (preset relating)

SPL 1W / 1mt : 99 dB / 102 dB

Maximum SPL: 128 dB continuoua – 134 dB peak / 132 dB cont – 138 dB peak

Horizontal : 90 degree / omni

Vertical: 7 – 30 selectable / omni

Crossover Type: External crossover required / DSP controlled

Crossover Frequency: High pass @ 100 Hz 25 dB/oct suggested minimum / 150 Hz

Full Range: 12 x 3.15 Neodymium magnet with 1” voice coil / 1 x 21” Neodymium speaker with 3” voice coil

Vertical pattern Spot – flood / NA

Impedance: 4 Ohms – 16 Ohms

Analog Connectors : 2 x 4pin Speakon / 2 Male and 2 female 3-pin balanced XLR

Digital Connectors: NA / 1 male and 1 female 3-pin XLR

Remote Control Connectors: NA / 1 x male + female XLR parallel / 1 USB B Jack serial

Power Input Connectors: NA / 2 x PowerCon IN/OUT

Amplifier Type: NA / C;ass D – DSP controlled

Subwoofer power: 2400 W @ 4 Ohms

Satellite power output: 2400 W @ 4 Ohms

Protection: NA / Dynamic limiter, over temp, over current, short circuits

AC Power Operating range: NA / 85 – 268 Vac Hz (Auto switch)

P. nom: NA / 1500 W

Minimum operation voltage: NA / 85 Vac

Maximum operation voltage: NA / 268 Vac

Dimensions: 3.19” x 39.4” x 2.32” / 21.85” x 21.85”

Weight: 10.14 lb. / 108 lb.