EV QRx 153/75 Compact 15“ Three-Way Loudspeaker New

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QRx 153/75

Compact 15" Three Way Loudspeaker


QRx Series has become the standard for regional sound companies, rental professionals, and contractors who want compact high-performance loudspeakers with concert-grade EV components. Covered with rugged EVCOAT, QRx looks great stacked, on poles, as monitors, or flown with simple, integrated, L-track rigging points on top and bottom. Their unique, asymmetrical, fully rotable horns with 15 degree downward bias ensures high-frequency coverage without having to tilt the enclosure toward the audience. Our powerhouse, the DH7 large-format driver (three-inch voice-coil, 1.4-inch exit) provides the high-frequency engine, while a selection of DL and EVX woofers anchor the low and sub frequencies. The combination of high-level components, unique design, and versatility make QRx Series one of the best values in the industry.

The QRx-153/75 is a 15“, three-way, full-range bi-amp only loudspeaker system. Featuring a horn loaded mid range section with asymmetrical horn, the QRx-153/75 has an articulated “hi fi“ sound.

•Designed for Club Sound, Concert Sound, House of Worship, Pro Music, and other applications.
•Three-way, high-output, full-range loudspeaker 
•Biamp only 
•Solid bass to 42 Hz (-10dB) 
•Vented LF enclosure 
•Asymmetrical CD horn aimed downward by 10

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